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If you’re interested in creating an enhanced experience where your product will have an immediate impact on the next wave of computing technology, then Ari™ is interface for you. The Ari™ SDK easily integrates into applications allowing users to control an array of devices and applications with natural hand gestures. Ari™ works out of the box with no calibration needed. This allows for a seamless and simple user interface for a range of SmartPhone, Tablet, and Wearable devices.

Working with Vuforia, Metaio, Unity and other 3rd party platforms? Not a problem. Our team has developed a patent-pending API that allows Ari™ to work seamlessly with multiple 3rd party platforms that require the camera.

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AR SDK Support Metaio, Vuforia Metaio, Vuforia Metaio, Vuforia
Unity Support -
Expanded Gesture Set Open/Closed Hand, Swipe Left/Right All Gestures in Audition + Swipe Up/Down, Swipe Progress, Thumb Up All Gestures in Indie Developer + Custom Gestures
CPU/Power Usage API - Enable/Disable Individual Gestures API available to Indie Developer + Direct Control of CPU Usage
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Custom Development - -
Support Community Community & Email Community, Priority Email & Phone
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