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Atheer Acquires ONtheGO Platforms to Further Advance Gesture Interaction with Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The addition of ONtheGO Platforms’ engineering and intellectual property strength enhances Atheer’s smart glasses platform and its natural and mobile interaction experience Mountain View, CA — December 2, 2015 — Atheer, the company pioneering the new AiR™ (Augmented interactive Reality™) … Continued

A Weekend with the Epson Moverio BT-200

Smart Glasses are a part of the emerging market of Wearable Technology.  Manufactuers are introducing new products every day.   Epson is among one of the OEMs creating Smart Glasses, their latest creation is the BT-200,  a second generation pair of Smart Glasses from … Continued

Why the Wearable Market will be a success!

Mobile Technology is becoming more and more attractive, evolving into a market that has an unpredictable growth.  The more people dive deeper into the wearable market the prediction of how fast it will grow just continues to exceed everyone’s expectations. … Continued

NYC Tech Blog Features OnTheGo Platforms and Ghost Runner

OTG was thrilled when we were approached by New York City tech blog BestTechie to do an exclusive on OnTheGo Platforms. Smart Glasses and wearables a like are starting to make a big hit in the technology world. BestTechie wants … Continued

Why the Apple iWatch and Google Glass Don’t Matter

The title is a little much… but the points they raise are very important. These large companies with very visible product entries into the emerging market of wearable computing devices is more important than what the devices can do. “The … Continued

OTG Mentioned on Stumptown Startups Blog, KATU

OTG is happy to see KATU, Portland Oregon ABC affiliate, bring some attention to the local startup scene with their new blog, Stumptown Startups. Whats even more Erica Nochlin wrote a great article about the Nike Accelerator and mentioned the … Continued

The End Of The Smartphone Era Is Coming

Nicholas Carlson of Business Insider believes the end of the smartphone era will come with wearable computing devices like Smart Glasses. “First off: something has to. Disruption is inevitable. Secondly: The trend is obvious. Computers have been getting smaller and … Continued

This Entire Video Was Shot with Google Glasses

Project Glass continues to give us a glimpses of what we can expect from Google Glass. Though there really isn’t any user interface views, explanation of how the glasses actually work, it’s great to see through the eyes of someone … Continued

DARPA’s Next-Gen Wearable Display: Augmented-Reality, Holographic Sunglasses

Wearable displays are not just for someone who wants to find their buddy or a good coffee shop, they are also for the military. Here’s what engadget had to say. “Vuzix just received a cool million to develop goggles that … Continued