A Gesture Interface Coming to an Enterprise Near You

A Gesture Interface Coming to an Enterprise Near You: ONtheGO Platforms Announces an A-list Group of Partnerships Today, ONtheGO Platforms (OTG), a Portland-based mobile interface company, announced an A-List of partners in the Smart Glasses Enterprise space. OTG’s Enterprise gesture … Continued

New interface for Smart Glasses goes Live

OnTheGo Platforms, a Portland-based mobile technology startup, launches today a new type of interface for Smart Glasses, called Ari™ (Augmented Reality Interface).  Developers, enterprises and smart glass Manufacturers can integrate Ari™ into their application, product, or directly into the glasses, … Continued

OnTheGo Platforms Becomes Foundry Group’s First AngelList Syndicate Investment

This morning Foundry Group announced that OnTheGo Platforms is the first company backed by the investment firm’s new Syndicate fund on AngelList. AngelList Syndicates allow angel investors to get in on deals made by more high profile investors. This is … Continued

Why the Wearable Market will be a success!

Mobile Technology is becoming more and more attractive, evolving into a market that has an unpredictable growth.  The more people dive deeper into the wearable market the prediction of how fast it will grow just continues to exceed everyone’s expectations. … Continued

NYC Tech Blog Features OnTheGo Platforms and Ghost Runner

OTG was thrilled when we were approached by New York City tech blog BestTechie to do an exclusive on OnTheGo Platforms. Smart Glasses and wearables a like are starting to make a big hit in the technology world. BestTechie wants … Continued

Ghost Runner featured on KATU

OnTheGo Platforms was excited to share our new product Ghost Runner with Erica Nochlin on KATU Channel 2 News. Since Ghost Runner and Smart Glasses in general are such visual technologies we were happy to show them off on this … Continued

OTG to Work on Vuzix’s New M100 Smart Glasses!

Portland, OR—January 19, 2013—OnTheGo Platforms (OTG) is excited to be working with Vuzix to develop revolutionary software and applications for the Vuzix M100 and future Vuzix Binocular Smart Glasses. Smart Glasses are going to hit the market in a big … Continued

Vuzix Smart Glasses Will Let You Scan Apps, Emails, Updates — Beating Google Glass to Market

Within all the buzz of wearable displays Venture Beat picked up the Vuzix M100 story and took it farther highlighting Vuzix experience working with the Department of Defense. “And it’s not like Vuzix is totally untested. It’s been working on … Continued

Vuzix Smart Glasses M100 Hands-On at CES 2013 (Update: Now with Video!)

Engadget did a great article covering the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses. The article included some technical specs and a review of the user experience. The presence of this monocular at the 2012 let people know the technology existed, but with … Continued

The End Of The Smartphone Era Is Coming

Nicholas Carlson of Business Insider believes the end of the smartphone era will come with wearable computing devices like Smart Glasses. “First off: something has to. Disruption is inevitable. Secondly: The trend is obvious. Computers have been getting smaller and … Continued