Ari v1.5.2: Metaio SDK fixes, M100 optimizations

We just released version 1.5.2 of Ari. This version contains important fixes to make sure Ari works with the latest Metaio SDK as well as optimizations for the Vuzix M100 smartglasses. As always, instructions for using Ari are available at … Continued

Ari v1.5.1: new APIs, improved sign detection

We just released version 1.5.1 of Ari! There are significant sign accuracy improvements (especially open hand detection and sign tracking), bug fixes, and the new AriProfile API that allows you to adjust performance parameters. Indie Developer and Enterprise license tiers … Continued

Ari v1.3.0: better swipe accuracy, faster sign tracking

We just released version 1.3.0 of Ari! This version features an improved swipe detector with fewer false positives and speedups to hand sign tracking. As always, instructions for using Ari are available at the developer portal. If you’re not an … Continued

Ari v1.2.1 update: important bug fixes for your holiday enjoyment

We just released version 1.2.1 of Ari! To brighten up your holidays, we’ve been busy fixing bugs and making Ari speedier. Notably, if you use Ari with a phone/tablet’s front-facing camera, this release should have much smoother hand sign detection. … Continued

Ari version 1 is here!

We’re excited to announce the release of Ari version 1! We’ve come a long way since our initial beta in April. Ari now has fast, accurate detection of open and closed hands (with two more signs coming very soon!) and … Continued

Ari v0.13.1 update: better sign detection & device orientation support

We just released version 0.13.1 of Ari! This month brings a faster and more accurate open hand detector (try it out!), faster sign detection in general, support for front-facing cameras, and the ability to handle device rotation. As always, instructions … Continued

Ari v0.12.1 update

We just released version 0.12.1 of Ari! This release of Ari brings support for using Ari with the Metaio and Vuforia augmented-reality SDKs (instructions available in the walkthrough) and removes the requirement for users to install OpenCV Manager on their … Continued

Ari and Gallari v0.11 update

We just released versions 0.11 of Ari and Gallari! This release of Ari brings faster open and closed hand detection, support for using Ari with the Unity platform (instructions available in the updated walkthrough), plus some critical bug fixes. As … Continued

Ari and Gallari v0.10 update

We just released versions 0.10 of Ari and Gallari! The major Ari highlights are: vertical swipe detection, notification of swipes in-progress and the points that made up a completed swipe (useful for providing feedback to the user in your app’s … Continued