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ONtheGO Platforms at AWE2015

ONtheGO Platforms will be attending this years Augmented World Expo (AWE2015) in Santa Clara, CA.  If you are attending or are in the area, we would love for you to stop by our booth and say hi and check out … Continued

A Gesture Interface Coming to an Enterprise Near You

A Gesture Interface Coming to an Enterprise Near You: ONtheGO Platforms Announces an A-list Group of Partnerships Today, ONtheGO Platforms (OTG), a Portland-based mobile interface company, announced an A-List of partners in the Smart Glasses Enterprise space. OTG’s Enterprise gesture … Continued

A Weekend with the Epson Moverio BT-200

Smart Glasses are a part of the emerging market of Wearable Technology.  Manufactuers are introducing new products every day.   Epson is among one of the OEMs creating Smart Glasses, their latest creation is the BT-200,  a second generation pair of Smart Glasses from … Continued

OnTheGo Platforms Becomes Foundry Group’s First AngelList Syndicate Investment

This morning Foundry Group announced that OnTheGo Platforms is the first company backed by the investment firm’s new Syndicate fund on AngelList. AngelList Syndicates allow angel investors to get in on deals made by more high profile investors. This is … Continued

Why the Wearable Market will be a success!

Mobile Technology is becoming more and more attractive, evolving into a market that has an unpredictable growth.  The more people dive deeper into the wearable market the prediction of how fast it will grow just continues to exceed everyone’s expectations. … Continued

5 Reasons to get Excited About Augmented Reality in 2013

Venture Beat put together a Top 5 List of why to get excited about AR that we tend to agree with, especially #1! “The glasses are coming, the glasses are coming!”

Vuzix Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Prototype Hands-On

Engadget provides a view into some very advanced Vuzix see-through display technology that was developed by DARPA. Vuzix has long been involved with the Department of Defense and has created some amazing technology, some of which we probably won’t know … Continued