Ari v1.7.0: updated Vuforia & Unity SDK support, bug fixes

We just released version 1.7.0 of Ari. This version contains important fixes to make sure Ari works with the latest Vuforia and Unity SDKs as well as fixes to some minor bugs and a few Ari API enhancements.

We also recently published to GitHub the source code for an Android Activity that you can drop into your own application to provide a simple tutorial for your end users on how to successfully use Ari gestures. We highly recommend including an initial tutorial into your application as it greatly reduces the learning curve for users. Feel free to use this source code as-is in your applications or as a starting point for a custom tutorial.

As always, instructions for using Ari are available at the developer portal. If you’re not an Ari developer yet, sign up for free.

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