Newly Issued Patent added to our Arsenal


We are excited to announce that we have a new addition to our patent war chest.  We have been Issued one of our oldest patents, called MOTION SENSING DISPLAY APPARATUS Patent 9,110,502. In short, this newly Issued patent covers gesture recognition (single camera, multiple cameras, IR, etc) in eyewear.  This is exciting not only for defensible situations, but it also opens the door for new license opportunities and an additional revenue stream for OTG.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.54.31 PM Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 3.38.49 PM




The present disclosure is directed to motion-sensing display apparatuses supported near a user’s eye including partially transparent screens at least partially disposed within the user’s field of vision, image generators positioned to display an image on a first side of the screen, motion capture devices positioned near the screen and configured to capture a user gesture occurring beyond the screen in the user’s field of vision, and processors in data communication with the image generator and the motion capture device, the processors configured to execute computer executable instructions in response to the user gesture. In some examples, motion-sensing display apparatuses include cameras. In some further examples, image generators display user interfaces on screens.

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