Deliver presentations with the ‘Swoosh’ of your hand

Take your presentation to the next level to persuade clients, woo customers, and train internally by delivering your presentation with Swoosh.

Swoosh is the latest mobile application utilizing Ari Gesture Technology.  Swoosh is here to make you a presentation hero by allowing you to deliver presentations with Prezi, PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF Reader, etc. with the “swoosh” of your hand. No more added complexities, configurations, or expensive hardware.  Full Presentation_Meeting

Simply download the Swoosh app to your smartphone and computer and you’re ready to begin wowing audiences with your jedi-like abilities. More specifically, Swoosh uses the camera in your smartphone (think xbox kinect) to recognize your gestures. So as long as you’re connected to wifi there’s no configuration needed, Swoosh quietly runs in the background. Just open the Swoosh app on your phone, set your phone down, and with the wave of your hand naturally deliver the presentation.

Swoosh_Feedback_framedInitially, you’re able to navigate forward and backward through your presentation with the wave of your hand. Swoosh even show’s you a cool animation, in real time, of your swipe on your smartphone. Over the next several updates, however, Swoosh will be rolling out features that allow you to control media (play/pause videos, etc), new swipe animations, and if you don’t want to use gestures you’ll be able to pick up your phone and use the touch screen to deliver your slides.

If you want to captivate your audience, and have fun doing it, you can download Swoosh here.


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