A Gesture Interface Coming to an Enterprise Near You

A Gesture Interface Coming to an Enterprise Near You: ONtheGO Platforms Announces an A-list Group of Partnerships

Today, ONtheGO Platforms (OTG), a Portland-based mobile interface company, announced an A-List of partners in the Smart Glasses Enterprise space. OTG’s Enterprise gesture software, Ari™ (Augmented Reality Interface), turns any mobile device with a standard camera into a gesture interface.

ODG_Photo “ODG is working to change the world of computing by changing the way we interact, connect, and explore information, and OTG’s ‘Ari’ gesture recognition technology is a leading example of a user interface that is helping to accelerate that change.” – Michael Eddy, Director, Business Development, Osterhout Design Group

Deskless workers who require a hands free environment, wear gloves, are in the field, or in loud situations benefit from Ari™.  By providing Ari to deskless workers, Enterprises are reaping the benefits of improved productivity, a safer workplace, and a more intuitive way to interact with AR and Wearable technology while on-the-go. Ari™ is a software solution, which was born on smart glasses and illustrates OTG’s commitment to mobile and wearable devices in the Enterprise sector.

“Creating these partnerships will help expand Ari™’s presence in the Enterprise, Healthcare, and Training ecosystem’s. Developers in these sectors are creating some of the most unique and advanced technology that we have seen yet” says OTG’s CEO, Ryan Fink.

Augmented Reality is also finding a home in Enterprise instructional software. “As we’re on the forefront of user interface innovation with head mounted wearableScreen Shot 2015-01-19 at 4.44.31 PM devices, ScopeAR is always looking for great innovations for interacting with augmented reality content. OTG’s innovative motion tracking and detection technology will enable our users to interact with ScopeAR’s instructional content like never before.” – Scott Montgomerie, ScopeAR

Working closely with the World leaders in Augmented Reality, Ari™ helps create the fully immersive experience that AR is meant for.

“Augmented Reality is moving from the small screen to headsets. Paradigms are shifting and interaction challenges must be approached in new and creative ways. Metaio is delighted to be working with OTG to provide our developer community with natural gesture interaction capabilities right alongside the Metaio SDK.” – Jack Dashwood, CMO, Metaio, Inc.

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To see a full list of OTG’s select partners or to become a partner yourself, go here.

About OnTheGo Platforms, Inc.

OTG is the World’s leading Mobile Gesture Interface company based in Portland, Oregon. Initially built for Smart Glasses, OTG’s gesture interface, Ari™, is now utilized on a wide range of mobile devices including Smart Phones, Tablets, Smart Glasses, Smart Watches, and a variety of custom mobile devices. OTG Incorporated in May 2012. For more information, please check us out at ONtheGO Platforms.


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