Ari v0.12.1 update

We just released version 0.12.1 of Ari! This release of Ari brings support for using Ari with the Metaio and Vuforia augmented-reality SDKs (instructions available in the walkthrough) and removes the requirement for users to install OpenCV Manager on their devices (so you can now deploy Ari-enabled apps with no extra dependencies).

We’re especially excited about integrating with two of the most widely-used AR SDKs because gestures are a great fit for interacting with augmented-reality content. By using the MetaioAri and VuforiaAri classes, Ari will seamlessly share the camera feed and detect gestures in your existing AR applications.

And if you missed the announcement in the last release, Ari now integrates with Unity as well!

As always, instructions for using Ari are available at the developer portal. If you’re not an Ari developer yet, sign up for free.

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