New interface for Smart Glasses goes Live

OnTheGo Platforms, a Portland-based mobile technology startup, launches today a new type of interface for Smart Glasses, called Ari™ (Augmented Reality Interface).  Developers, enterprises and smart glass Manufacturers can integrate Ari™ into their application, product, or directly into the glasses, simply by going to OTG’s website and downloading the Beta SDK.

“Gesture recognition is going to be one of the major user interfaces for smart glasses and OTG’s “Ari” is a leading solution in the space. We’re really excited about the release of Ari and making it available to the Vuzix smart glasses community.” – Paul Travers, Vuzix CEO

The beta release arrives just three months after OTG closed their seed round from FG Angel as the Foundry Groups’ first syndicate deal on AngelList.

“The future of wearables depends on multiple interface options and OTG is making that come to life with gesture controls.” – Jay Sales, VSP Global

Voice and touch control work well on smartphones, but Smart Glasses require a new, intuitive interface. OTG’s Ari™ SDK uses a single outward facing camera to track a user’s hand motions and gestures, enabling the user to interact naturally with the content being displayed in front of them. Ari™ empowers developers to move beyond the limitations of voice control and a small touchpad on the side of the glasses.

Other Smart Glass user interface solutions on the market are hardware-based. In contrast, Ari™ is a purely software solution with no added hardware needed. Other aspects of the OTG platform focus on making it easier to develop and deploy applications for Smart Glasses.

Ari™ is built on top of the Android OS. Currently, all of the Smart Glasses entering the market run the Android OS and have one built-in camera; therefore, OTG can remain device agnostic and distribute Ari™ across all of the major smart glass devices for the foreseeable future (Google Glass, Vuzix, Recon, Epson, Samsung). The result? A universal Smart Glasses user experience regardless of hardware.

“As we’re on the forefront of user interface innovation with head mounted wearable devices, ScopeAR is always looking for great innovations for interacting with augmented reality content. OTG’s innovative motion tracking and detection technology will enable our users to interact with ScopeAR’s instructional content like never before.” – Scott Montgomerie, ScopeAR

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